Posted on April 01, 2018 06:29

With a physical banner in front of our churches, we send out the message of welcome. Even more, our parish cluster now takes on the great task of actively welcoming God’s children to our community of believers. An important step in our becoming parishes in mission to the people around us is the formation of missionary disciples. Men and women of all our parish cultures and languages are invited to consider participating in a retreat, Going Forth in Joy: Forming Missioary Disciples. Our retreat will be from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon early this summer – the precise date has yet to be set. The Maryknoll Missionary Society will direct our retreat, bringing to bear immense experience in the evangelization of peoples from around the world. Our retreat, like our parishes and our neighborhoods, will be multicultural and multilin- gual. All are invited to consider your participation. Look for more details in the weeks ahead!

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