Posted on June 23, 2017 18:46

Come Young; Come Old

An Invitation to Serve Christ and His Church at Mass

It’s a good time to listen for the call to ministry in our parish! Some ministry training will take place this summer, but most of it will begin in the fall, after the warm weather finishes. But now is the time to consider how you might help the parish by your involvement in ministry.

Consider this: Do you have a clear speaking voice? Do you know how to read for meaning? Are you interested in discovering more about Holy Scripture? You might make a very good reader at Sunday Mass.

Do you like music? Can you sing on key? We are looking for choir members and cantors. Why not let us know?

Do you have a passion for deepening your faith and sharing it with other people; with other adults, with adolescents, with children? Why not be a catechist, a sponsor, or a group member in our Monday evening adult sessions?

Is your talent simple friendliness? This may sound odd, but we’re looking to channel friendliness in a way that will create a new atmosphere in our parish. If new people come into our church, we’d better have people prepared to make them feel welcomed. Maybe you could be a minister of welcome.

Are you without any special talents? Maybe you said, “Not me” to all of the above, but you have strong faith and devotion to Our Lord in Holy Eucharist and Sunday Mass. Consider being a Eucharistic Minister who helps with the distribution of Holy Communion to God’s people.

These are some ministries that give life to our parish. Of course, there are many more. Please consider accepting one of them. Give the parish office a call. It will lift your faith and brighten our parish! 

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