Easter Message from the Pastor

Posted on April 20, 2019

Another Easter….

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At my age, one Easter tends to look like any other. Each year, children get awfully excited about Easter baskets and Easter clothes. Colored eggs, jelly beans and chocolate rabbits abound. There are plenty of bright, fresh flowers, baked ham, and baked bread. People quickly make up for all that Lenten fasting, and they show their best selves on this happy day. Even the not so frequentflyers gladly come to Easter Mass.

Every Easter may look like every other, but each one is a new opportunity, this Easter especially. On the first Easter, big changes were in the air. People could feel it, like electricity. It was like a lightning strike when they met the glorified, risen Jesus, alive again and more! They knew that they would not go back to their old lives. Once they met the Risen One, they would never be the same. I wonder if Easter this year will be something like that for us.

Our parish cluster has embarked on a mission: to tell those around us about life in Christ. We are experiencing painful changes. Our neighborhoods, our parish life, and our family life are not what they used to be.

We are living in a world in which it is becoming costlier and more challenging to be a Christian. ….and throughout all of this, the Risen Lord is here, beckoning us on. If the first Easter was a great turning point for the world, may this Easter be a great turning point for us. The Risen Lord is here, beckoning us on!

A Blessed Easter to you all!

Fr. Washabaugh

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