A fundamental ministry for communities of welcome is that of greeter.

In some cases, ushers who take up the Sunday collection also function as greeters.

However, ushers do not always have the particular skills that are needed to stand at, or outside, the door to greet people warmly.

So, we are inviting parishioners to take up this ministry.

During these summer months our minister for evangelization, Albert Colon, will be preparing greeters to take up this all-important role.

Here’s how you can find out more: Let us know that you are interested in learning about the ministry of greeter.

There is no commitment implied in an initial inquiry. Send an e-mail to the parish office at or  or you can e-mail to Albert directly at 

Give a call to the parish office at 860-886-1565 (St Joseph's) or 860-887-9857 (Sts Peter & Paul)

Talk with Fr. Albrecht, Fr. Washabaugh, or Albert after Sunday Mass about the role of greeters.

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