A sincere thank you to all who helped make our 40 Hour Eucharistic Devotion on September 7th, 8th and 9th a prayerful and beautiful celebration. Thank you to the devoted volunteers and parishioners who coordinate and support our monthly coffee hour. Your generous donations purchased our beautiful altar flowers for this Holy celebration.

Thank you to our parishioners Terry Wujcik, Albina Czapski and Steve Koziol for their donation of the beautiful fall wreaths on our church doors. A cheerful welcome from St. Joseph church to our parish and community.

Thank you to those who cleaned our church in preparation. Elaine Kempesta, Ewa Newman, Connie Lebejko, Donna Homski, Kasia Radicione, Janina Selens, Carol Caplet, Norman Gauthier and Donna Matich we appreciate your hard work!

Thank you to Stephanie Gromko, Ewa Newman, Danuta Pielutowski, Helena Tarzcki, Helena Sieczkowski, Janina Selens and Ewa and Basia Kidala for helping set up the rectory and taking the time to make delicious food!

For all who helped with the potluck. Thank you! To all who helped in any way but not mentioned and to those who attended, thank you! What a meaningful way for our parish cluster to not only get closer to each other but also get closer to God.

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