Posted on December 06, 2018 in: Cluster News, St. Joseph

Plans and preliminary work have begun for the opening up of a fully handicap accessible bathroom in our church building. The floor plan is in place; soon space near the Mass chapel will be opened up; and the necessary plumbing and décor changes will be in effect. We can’t promise this will be done before Christmas, but we will push to have this project done as soon as possible.

We are eager to open the first floor of the convent building for coffee next Sunday, Dec. 16. We have contacted an architect, Ms. Johana Matthews to help us with the renovation. The first step, however, is for the Bethesaida Women’s Shelter to move its office furniture out of the building. The second step will be for a structural engineer to advise us on load-bearing stress points as we consider opening up the space.

Stay tuned!

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