On Jan. 8, Fr. Fanel sent us a brief note: 

Dear Fr. Bob: 

I want to confirm that I received the money you sent by Western Union. God bless you and the people of your parishes.

I pray for you all every day. I want to thank each per-son who has given a contribution for a spon-sorship. In the name of the children and of their parents and teachers, I greet you and thank you sincerely. With this money, I will be able to pay our teachers and buy food for the children. 

I am preparing things as we had discussed. I will send you photos of each child who is be-ing sponsored so that they have a connection with their sponsors, but please be patient! Here in LaGonav things take time. We have no internet nor electricity here, and each day, I am very busy. But I want to send you re-ports about our people, our parish and our school. 

Please pray for me and my people here. I pray for you and your parish every day. 

P. Fanel 

Our cluster now has 23 sponsors helping children at LaGonav. Anyone who would like to become a sponsor can pick up a sponsor sheet near the church door or call the parish office. Thanks to one and all! 

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