Prior to Lent: Take time to discern your particular calling. 

During Lent: Fast, pray, and prepare for service. 

During the Easter Season: Engage in missionary discipleship; pray that the Holy Spirit make us authen-tic missionary disciples. 

We Can All Engage in a Campaign of Prayer 

For the Renewal of our Parishes 

Come early to pray before Sunday Mass begins; par-ticipate in daily Mass especially during Lent; renew your commitment to frequent Confession. 

Spend time with the Lord through Lectio Divina, daily reflective reading of Scripture. Pray the rosary. 

Do spiritual reading. Available at our book racks dur-ing Lent: The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis; Rejoice and Be Glad, On the Call to Holiness, Pope Francis; Keeping Lent with St. John Paul II. Visit the cluster web site to find news on our re-newal as an evangelizing community. 

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