Dear Friends,

The last four years I have spent in St. Joseph and

Ss. Peter and Paul, as well as the three years of my

work in St. Mary, have been a time of learning and

enrichment. Through it, I was growing in

appreciation of all of the cultures and nationalities

of our cluster community. Thank you for this

amazing, learning experience. May the 4th was the

pinnacle of it. As I was saying my goodbyes to all

of you, exchanging hugs, wishes, and smiles, I was

realizing how much each one of you mean to me.

Thank you for your presence in my life. A special

word of thanks goes to all of the people behind the

scenes of my farewell party- to those who cooked

food, did the set-up of Ss. Peter and Paul hall and

took care of the logistics of the party. Thank you so

very much.

I would also like to express my utmost gratitude for

all the cards I have received during the party to :

Albina, Mary and Joanne Adamik ,

Betty and Bruce Adams, Theresa Beauregard ,

Regina and Dennis Burke, Carol Caplet, Carol

Cieslukowski, Don “Mr. Krupnik” Corcoran, Joan

and Marilyn Cosentino, Bob Desuesha,

Barbara Dombrowska, Regina Dorsey, Valerie

Dziengiel, Elaine and Daniel Dzioba,

Max Fargo, Louise Ference – Simom, Elizabeth

Fox, Loretta Gilbo, Danuta Grabowska and Family,

Stephanie Gromko, Stanley Gruszkiewicz, Robert

and Rosalie Gudz, Jan Gwudz, Bahria Hartman,

Donna Homiski and Family, Stacia Izbicki,

Kristiane Kendall, Ewa Kidała, The Kilpatrick

Family, Rose Kozerefski, Steve Koziol, Leandra

and Armand La Clair, The Lamb Family, Kenneth

La Rochelle, Louise Lemire, Donna and Jim

Leone, Maryanne and Dan Leone, Ann and Robert

Mc Grath, The Matich Family, Gertrude Muratore,

Lucretia Neill , Ewa Newman and Family, Tina

and Dennis O’ Brien, Edith Ouillett, Joanne Ozga,

Jane and Phil Papino, Lauren Pitkin, The Peters

Family, Sue and Mark Perkins, Krystyna Popecka,

Mr and Mrs Warzyccy, Rev. Robert Washabaugh,

Marian Ryly, Dorothy Scilianno, Dolores Scolaro,

Joan Scungio, Janina Selens, Sister Eugenia and

Sister Yannick, Jane and Ray Steward, The Sujecki

Family, April Surprenant, Patricia Terrace, Joseph

Warzecha, Bernadette Wezner, George and Jeanne


Please keep me in your prayers, as you will remain

in mine.

Fr. Tomasz Albrecht

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