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Posted on May 14, 2019 in: St. Joseph


The past week or two have certainly been traumatic

for everyone concerned. We plan to find a way to

continue to celebrate Holy Mass at St. Joseph each

Sunday morning with elements of Mass in the Polish

language and all of it in the spirit of Polish

Catholicism. Please be patient. Finding our way

forward demands a spirit of sacrifice and cooperation on

everyone’s part. Meanwhile, it is

important to report on some of our building and

property issues:

Our Parking Lot: Many thanks to volunteers from the

St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen who painted

fresh lines on our parking lot. It is a great sign of

the cooperation that is possible between our parish

and the St. Vincent de Paul ministry. These lines

are a temporary improvement. Sometime soon, we

hope to repave the parking lot, sharing the expense

between parish and ministry.

Air Conditioning: The uncertainty surrounding the

Mass schedule and its effect on the future of the

parish caused a delay in installing a new airconditioning

system. In order to meet the demands

of the coming warm weather, we will be repairing

the existing system to carry us, at least into the first

half of the summer.

ADA Bathroom: The solidity of our church building,

strong and deep layers of concrete, have produced

headaches for the needed relocation of pipes in

order to have a bathroom space that meets ADA

(Americans with Disability Act) requirements. We

now have a design and a plan approved by the

Norwich building inspector, a contractor, and an

affordable cost. We will be moving ahead to

complete this project.

The Convent Building: We are sprucing up both

outside and inside the convent building. Inside, the

first floor is being prepared for parish use: an ample

space for meetings (up to 50 people sitting at

tables), kitchen, offices, classrooms, a chapel.

Hardwood floors are being uncovered and restored;

wood paneling is being replaced by painted walls,

and eventually, improved lighting will be provided.

Look for more reports on this project in weeks to


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