A great celebration took place at St. Mary’s last Sunday on the Feast of the Epiphany. Families and children from our three parishes gathered, first for a multicultural Mass – The Three Kings joined us! – and then at a great party. More than 200 children took part. We took up a collection to help poor and hungry children in La Gonave in Haiti. Thanks so much for donations amounting to $1861.80! We particularly thank the organizers and workers who made the party possible. Special thanks to the St. Mary choir and to Arcangel and Edgar Santiago who put in many long hours of planning and preparation. Thank you to Carmen Crespo and Iris Lorenzo and the many others who helped preparing and serving the delicious meal. In addition, thanks to Jaime Burgos and Ada Santana for bringing to the church a beautiful statue of our Blessed Mother, La Virgen de la Divina Providencia, Patrona de Puerto Rico, a great help to devotion to Mary in our community.

A wonderful article was written about the even by The Day newspaper and can be found here.

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